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Once the new-borns enter into the toddlers’ stage, they undergo many physiological changes and start grasping things from their surroundings. They start moving around, tumble and fall and eventually learn to walk stably. Similarly, their memory power starts getting sharpened and they vividly remember and learn from the things that are shown to them. One such important technique to spark up their creative juices is engaging them with various DIY crafts. They would not require much effort and are focused majorly on the learning that comes up, rather than the end products. Thus, this article speaks majorly on the best 5 crafts that can easily go under the DIY category.

Handcrafted jellyfish

DIY Jellyfish is one of the easiest and highly intuitive DIY crafts that can be made up with the toddlers. The best thing comes in the fact that all of the raw materials come directly from the house plates and only new investment needs to be done on the paints.

The raw materials include waste paper plates and woolen yarns from the stitching units of the house. First of all, the yarns need to be stitched gently with the paper plates to imitate the tentacles of the jellyfish and extreme care must be taken to prevent the spoiling of the plates. Then the plates can either be colored with paints or decorated with small stuff to make up the eyes of the jellyfish. In the former case, you can go for acrylic paints to allow glowing in the dark and creating a luminescence effect and be very sure to keep them away from the reach of the toddlers when unattended.

From this small exercise, the toddlers would gain a good knowledge of the colors and their sues in bringing out the best combinations.

Clay creatures

Toddlers have a high affinity to their favorite cartoon characters and would always relate to them when shown with small replicas. And what would be the best material to make these small replicas out of kitchen dough or garden clay!

The entire process starts with the preparation of the dough or clay for the activity by watering them up and making a large ball with sufficient moisture content. Be very sure to drain out the excess water, as it can weaken up the structures. Allow it to get dried up sufficiently to become smooth and flexible. Then, allow your toddlers to play with those doughs and help them in creating the shapes of their favorite characters. Add up all of their accessory parts and give them a final perfect shape. Lastly, color these structures as per the character and allow it to dry out to become perfect.

Though the entire process might look dirty, it provides a very hands-on experience to the kids on turning wastes into valuable materials and they learn the importance of reusability of different stuff. The secondary goal comes in terms of the choice and importance of the colors.

Paper plate fishes

Another exciting DIY activity that can be given a shot along with the toddlers is making of the paper plate fishes. These items are another masterpieces of turning waste into gold and teaching many important values to the tiny generation. The only requirements would be waste paper plates, some poster colors, glitters, and small paper folds.

First of all, create a sketch of the fish on the plate with your toddler’s hand and then cut out the shape very finely to come up as a fish border. Then using the different colors, give a nice color to the fish and keep your kid engaged with this process under complete supervision. In parallel, they can go for decorating the small paper folds with glitter that can act as the scales for the body and later paste them up after the paint gets dried up. As a precautionary measure, keep an eye on the kids while using the scissors, colors, and glitters.

As underlying learning, again the kids would start gauging the value of creating stuff out of the waste and learn the importance of everything that comes into the house. The additional learnings come in terms of the small crafts that add up to their creative curve.

Garland made of papers or straws

The best way in which the kids start learning their first letters of English is by imagining the letter in forms of objects that they have seen around. And to aid up in strengthening this imagination process, you can go for the DIY trick of making a garland of letters made out of paper or straws.

Just find up some threads and colorful papers or straws amidst the kitchen bulk. If you are using paper, then take up your kids’ hands and then guide them in drawing out the letter on it for making the colorfulcutouts. In the case of the straws, just do the twists and turns yourself and show your kids what each of these represents. Finally, connect all of these with a simple thread and hang the final craft up on the bedroom wall.

With this, the kids get acquainted with the different letters and they get mirrored into their minds whenever they hear those from the surroundings or their teachers.

DIY Cardboard structures

Worried about cardboard boxes getting piled up in the garages? Do not worry, because you can use them up in a creative manner to create the best DIY pieces for your kids. Just go for cutting out the required portions of the boxes or opening them up accordingly to imitate the shape that is intended to be created. And finally color them up to make small and complete structures, like letterboxes, tissue boxes, decorative dustbins, and many more.

With this activity, the toddlers learn about the common objects that surround them and understand the usage of each.

On an ending note, the DIY crafts are highly effective tools in engaging with the toddlers and exposing them to a very good learning curve right from the beginning. Note that the list is inexhaustive and apart from the ones mentioned here, you can come up with your creative ideas.

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