Want To Enhance WFH Productivity? Try These Simple DIY Projects For Home Office While Quarantining

Currently, the world is facing one of the biggest and widespread works from home scenarios. As the Coronavirus situation is worsening out there, there is the only way to cope with it, and that is by staying in and working through. Work cannot stop regardless of anything, as there are still deadlines to meet and meetings (zoom meetings) to attend.

However, it is seen that whereas many people like to work from home and have been doing so for a long time now. There is a majority population who are struggling to cope with this new normal. Being at home is causing people to feel lazy and distracted, and all of this is eventually lowering productivity.

But hey! This is happening to everyone, and of course, certain things can be done to enhance productivity. Not talking about yoga and exercise, this should be done daily anyway. But, here are some fun creative DIY activities that can boost WFH productivity.

  1. Pallet desk DIY

Okay, now for working comfortably one should have a comfortable workspace, like a desk that s spacious and comfortable. Working while keeping a laptop on cushions is something, that is not really comfortable for a long time.

Therefore, one can take some time out to build a desk of wood pallets. Find some wood pallets (easily found), see a design, get some tools and nails, and get to work. The best thing is designing pallet desk is not that difficult and complex, and can be achieved on one’s own. In the end, one will have created furniture for the office corner and will have a desk to work from.

  1. Desktop shelf DIY

Have a small desk or worse yet, a desktop that is not at an appropriate eye level? Having bulky monitors, laptops, books, papers, keyboards, mouse, and etc. all placed on a desk can be quite hassling. So, what can one do? Build a desktop shelf.

Get some wood, thin boards, paints, nails, screws, and tools and get to work. Watch some tutorials to get ideas to build the shelf. Add some drawers for better organizing and give the shelf a nice dash of color to keep the space from becoming dull. And voila, fun shelf and no more neck and eye strain.

  1. Wall hanging organizer DIY

Wall hanging organizers are a perfect choice when it comes to keeping the folders, envelopes, mails, documents, etc. in place and order. Put them up on the wall near the work desk to keep the important papers there and never lose them ever again in the paper pile on the desk.

One makes these wall organizers, by simply using some wood or leather or even cloth if need be. Make them in singles or make them double-tiered. Decorate them or do not, depending on what one prefers. This will add some professional touch to space aesthetically and will also help in being a master organizer.

  1. Memo board DIY

Have a lot many to-do lists, papers, sticky notes pocking from here and there on the desktop? Well, this is the sole reason why one tends to forget a few things every day. So, what can be done to take the organization spree to the next level? Build a DIY memo board.

Memo board that hangs on the wall will save a lot of space on the desk, and will also help in not forgetting things as they hand right in front of the desk. For making DIY boards, one can choose some wire, and create a grid, or better yet buy a wire grid. Hang it up on the wall, and use small magnets, clips, hooks, etc. to hang various things on it. Cheers to not forgetting things!

  1. Dry erase board DIY

There are emails to send, meetings to attend, clients to call, and oh! Also, some groceries to get? Well, how one simple mind can keep track of everything in a day and not forget anything. Well, the best way is to have a dry erase board, which is small, cute and can be placed on top of the work desk.

Build one easily at home, with the help of construction paper and a frame to hold the paper in place. One can easily use dry erase markers and jot down the daily To-Do list and erase them for the next day. The best thing is the fact that one can build one that fits the space perfectly. One can also spend some time decorating the board and make it look cool and not dull, like one’s mood these days.

  1. Bookends DIY

Books piling on the table and are everywhere but where they are supposed to be, the bookshelf? Well, that is because no one really paid attention to them before. But, now that one is striving towards a better space for better productivity, make some DIY bookends.

One can make some super stylish and chic fabric bookends for organizing the books and also to add some jazz to space. Fabric is one of the easy to find material and the variety is exhilarating. Choose some colorful fabric, and sew the bookends with easy sewing tutorials. The best thing is that these are easy, fun and cheap as well.

  1. Office chair DIY

Have an office chair that looks lifeless and plain boring? Well, anything standing boringly in the office space, even the thing that one might sit one can affect the work speed and zeal. Wait, do not buy a new one just yet, save that money?

Instead, pick some comfortable plushy fabrics and paints to make the older chair, a new one spending way less money. Paint the arms and legs; add some cushioning fabric to the seat with some DIY tips. See, the boring chair does exist anymore and it has reborn as a fun statement chair in space.

All these activities are super fun to work on and will simply give the workplace a new twist. It will not only help in boosting concentration while working but will also help one in relaxing a bit and have some fun while doing these DIYs. During these trying times, it is very crucial to keep oneself sane and calm at all times. Otherwise, it can affect one’s personal and professional life to a larger extent. Find new things to do, relax, eat well, workout, and do some DIY projects.

Top 5 DIY Ways To Decorate Your Foyer

People are getting very attentive towards the quality of their house and its related things like garage and terrace. In the market, different services are getting introduced to the people so that they can take advantage of it and watch the changes that they want to see in their house. The first thing that a person sees before entering a house is the foyer. This makes the look of the foyer very important for the owner of the house. Different elements can be added to the foyer so that they complement each other and make the foyer look amazing. The features of a foyer are different from the rest of the house. This is why a different perspective is needed to improve the quality of the foyer. People can take help of the internet and visit websites that can provide several ideas to make your foyer beautiful without any professional help.

Innovative ways to decorate your foyer

The foyer is the first thing to be seen by people coming to your house. This improves the worth of the foyer as compared to other parts of the house. To make your foyer better, you can hire professional people who can provide the best services. In the case of people who are against the idea of using the services of other people, they can find easy ways to make their foyer better. Following are five easy ways to decorate your foyer:

  1. Adding a portrait

If you are interested in art and things related to art, you can apply your taste in art in making your foyer different. You can visit exhibitions and painting shops and find one or two portraits according to space in your foyer. Some people prefer to keep a single portrait in the center of the foyer. Nowadays, the trend in the category of portraits has also changed. People can get small yet more number of portraits to decorate their foyer. The portrait can be selected easily if you keep your interest and hobbies in mind. You can also get some positive quote written so that anyone who reads it, become positive, and apply it on them. Even if you are not interested in art, you can take the help of professional services who can recommend the best portrait to be put in your foyer. It is important to communicate with the person who is handling the condition of your foyer so that they can understand your point of view and creates or finds something that matches your choice. You can also experiment with the kind of frames to be used with the portrait.

  1. Plants

As foyer is on the outside of the house, it is near the garden area. This makes it closer to nature and its elements. It is common to have a lot of plants and herbs in the garden area. The trend of keeping a house plant in the house has also affected the idea of bringing plants in the foyer area too. Plants are the first choice for people who want to bring a new look in any part of their house. Not only do plants add an element to the foyer, but also keep the air fresh and lively around the foyer.  There are different options when you are shopping for plants to be kept in the foyer. You can change the color of the pot so that it matches the foyer and brings out the best in them. The flowers and leaves will keep the foyer look colorful. You can get matching sets for your foyer which can be kept on either side of the entrance.

  1. Element of colors

The demand for painting services in a house is very common. Some people prefer to change the color of their house frequently. This makes them excited to look at their house. The color starts to fade after a certain period. So, by keeping the house painted again, the brightness and quality will also return. Apart from making your house new again, you will also protect it from several elements like cracks. The companies offering painting services also offer different designs and textures according to the changing technology. This might attract more customers who want to experiment with the painting choice in their house. It is not necessary to keep the color of the foyer the same as your house. You can experiment with textures that match the furniture or other things present in your foyer.

  1. Sitting space

Even though the garden area also contains a place to sit and enjoy some time with nature. Without the absence of a roof, some people avoid sitting in the garden area. This is where foyer and its arrangements can benefit the people. The foyer has a proper base and a roof where the owners can sit and enjoy the rainy season or a nice sun time during the winter season. As the space in a foyer is less, the chair or couch should be small yet comfortable. Not more than three chairs can fit the space in the foyer. With the help of the internet, you can find the best chair or couch for your foyer so that you can enjoy the outside weather in a comfortable manner.

  1. Lighting

As your house starts with the foyer, it might make it more beautiful by adding some lights to it. This will also make it easier to identify your house in case of darkness. During any festive season, light is the main source that makes the house more alive and energetic. There are different kinds of lights available in the market which can be bought by keeping the foyer and its characteristics in mind. Nowadays, the combination of plants and lights is very trending. People keep the plants surrounded by golden lights because it also plays an important role in decorating the foyer.

Different light bulbs can be used to experiment with the entrance of the house during any special occasion. You can also find lamps of different shapes and sizes that fit the features of the foyer. It has become very easy to find something related to lights in your foyer because of the internet.

Learn More About The DIY: Expert Tips For Decorating A New Home Now!

Due to the pandemic hitting on us, people are sitting at home meddling with things now and then. Many of us have become artists, many of us have become influencers, and many of us have become designers. Everyone is trying to redecorate their houses. Now that everything is slowly getting available in the market, you can choose some of the best and most affordable methods to do so. A lot of us have bought a new house too, and one while decorating a home may seem exciting, it can get confusing and strenuous when you get to the business. So, how do you do it? What are the best DIY: expert tips for decorating a new home? Let us find out.

What are the factors you need to keep in mind before packing and moving?

Indeed, packing and moving is one of the most arduous tasks you can do, but before you dive into that, you should keep in mind some factors. You can have any reason to shift to a new house, be that the desire to have a bigger house, the desire to have a home in a particular location, the need to shift because of the change in job, etc. Any of the factors can influence the revision, but you need to understand that you do not need to shift everything.

  • Do not carry the things you do not need – before you start packing and transporting, you must clear the clutter. Try to find the products in your house that you have barely used or will never use. You can either sell them or donate them to the needy. Considering that you will need the assistance of movers and packers, this method will reduce a lot of time and effort, and it will also reduce a lot of expenses.
  • What about the furniture? – possibly, the furniture either might not go with the decoration of your new house or some of it might not fit. What can you do in such cases? We suggest you shop smart this time. Hold a garage sale and sell every furniture that you think is unnecessary or will not suit with the aura of your new home, then you can use the money and buy new furniture that fit according to the decoration, as well as your house. People these days are going for more authentic and classic furniture, you should also give a try to the same, or you can go for anything that you like. The method may also reduce the efforts of packers and movers to carry heavy furniture to your new house.
  • Get your house painted before shifting – you should get over with rolling your home. You do not want to get stuck with boxes of stuff just dangling in your space while you get exhausted with painting. It can get tiring and annoying at the same time because after painting you will have to arrange all the furniture and things from your house. It can become a huge burden, so you must avoid that.

What are the DIY tips for decorating the new home?

You have to agree that one of the most exciting things about moving to a new home is decorating. We all have specific decor and aesthetics in our minds that we may have seen in some magazines or on the internet. Some people rely on professionals, but the ones who want to design their house on their own should try some of the tips we have concocted for you.

  • Furniture – you need to understand that the furniture is not a fleeting trend, so you cannot frequently change it like clothes; as such, you must always choose a quality product over what is in fashion. You cannot pick any furniture because it is attractive or catches your eyes, you should know that you will have to stay with it for years, so it should be of excellent quality. For the people who travel too often and barely get to stay at home should consider renting the furniture. This way, you do not have to waste any unnecessary time on its maintenance.
  • Art – a lot of us like to put pictures of paintings and images on the wall. If you are thinking of doing so, then you should always choose what vibes with you the best. You should not pick a piece of art because it is expensive or trendy, you should go for something that you connect with so that every time you look at it, you feel a surge of positivity within you. You can also go for local artists, pictures that you have collected from your travels, paintings that you may have accumulated from a trip, or anything. After all, memories are worth more than anything.

  • Decor – everyone likes to put pieces of decoration in their house. If you want to do so too, then you should not go for mass-produced products. Go out and search for things that you find unique. Your decor should have a story to tell and must always match with the design of your entire house. You can go for handmade products, pottery, little things that tell a story.
  • Storage – homes are getting smaller in size these days; as such, having enough stores can get challenging. In such cases, you should look for goods that seamlessly carry all the storage material that you have and look beautiful, as well. You can try not to go for bulky cabinets. You can choose more nested cabinets, beds with storage, center table, and coffee table with cavities inside where you can put your things. Your space should be sleek and clean with fuss-free handles so that no problem ever comes with the handling of things around the house. This way, you get a large amount of storage and an attractive home.

So, we hope that these tips have helped you make an informed decision and give you the best and the most beautiful house ever.

Know-How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your DIY Designs!

DIY is a popular term that stands for “Do-It-Yourself”. As the name itself suggests, DIY is a special technique that lets you create different innovative products all by yourself. When you are making something effective and useful yourself by using simple craft, it could be termed as a DIY.

DIYs have been there since forever, however, this term gained popularity only over the past decade. You can find various DIY tutorial videos online that will teach you how to create some exciting and innovative stuff right at your home! It is a great way to pass your time and make useful things especially if you are interested in art and craft. It also saves a lot of money and makes your brain active.

While DIYs always seems to amaze people one way or the other, it is important to ensure that your designs are effective and function properly. Your DIYs need to do the work they are supposed to since it is the sole purpose they are made for. You can ensure the effectiveness by simply following some common steps for improving your DIYs.

  1. Ensure Internet Access

In the early days, people needed to get trained in DIYs specifically by joining classes, learning from the people nearby, using their brains, etc. However, nowadays, you can learn every sort of DIY trick online. Millions of DIY videos are uploaded regularly on the internet. There are also various DIY groups and communities on social media that you could join to learn different techniques. Since the internet is such a resourceful tool, you need to have access to it. Use a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access all the resources available on the internet and get creative!

  1. Plan things out

Before you get started with actually making a DIY product, you should plan everything out. Planning can ensure efficiency in your project. Doing things out of nowhere can cause confusion, delay, lack of focus, etc. You might end up missing some essential items and you can also forget some important steps. This is why it is important to plan how to go about the entire project before you get started.

At first, this might not seem to be very important, however, once you follow this step properly, you will realize how important it is and how much of a difference it can make.

  1. Get shopping!

Planning everything is not enough to get started with the project. You need to make sure that you are not short on supplies. Finding out that you lack supplies once you have started the project could hamper the effectiveness of your project. You might end up having to compromise on certain things due to a lack of supplies. This is exactly why it is important to note down everything you need and purchase it beforehand if you do not have it already. After acquiring the supplies, you can get started with work.

  1. Work Carefully

Even if you have planned everything out and bought all the supplies beforehand it is not sufficient to bring about efficiency in your final design. You need to work carefully and keep all the important points in mind while you are preparing the design. If you forget important details, have a careless approach towards things, do not follow the steps properly, you can end up creating a mess, and ruining your entire work. You still might be able to finalize the design but it will not be effective as a result of the carelessness.

  1. Follow the three Rs

DIY is all about making the most out of the things that you have. While you can purchase a few items if you require them for a DIY, do not depend on purchasing entirely. If you have to purchase all the materials then you might as well purchase the entire design/product itself. Since the main motive of a DIY is to ensure the most out of your available resources and reducing the cost as well, you cannot buy everything off a market.

Follow the three Rs policy, Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. It is important to reuse any existing materials if you can and recycle stuff as much as possible when working with DIYs. This will reduce the overall cost while also making your design effective.

  1. Try not to give up

The part where most people fail is to stay focused and determined. It is not always that your DIY works effectively and you do not face any problems. Most of the time, when people come across some problems or hindrance in their work, they give up without trying much. This is where most of the people end up failing. Try not to do the same thing with your project. DIYs could sometimes be difficult, time-consuming, or confusing. It could get hard to follow everything properly but you should remain calm and try to find a way out. Stay determined and finish the work ou have started.

  1. Finished Product

After you are done with following all the steps with full dedication, you should be left with a final product that is extremely effective, efficient as well as up-to-the-mark. Your final DIY design would meet your expectations and it is now ready to be used. You can put the project to an end and use the DIY as you want.

People love to make DIYs and in this era of automation and easy internet access, almost anyone can find various types of DIYs that they can try at home. You can start working on any kind of DIY you like, however, to achieve the best results, it is important to work with full focus, concentration and avoid being careless.

Keeping in mind that a DIY should be functional and effective, the above-mentioned steps have been worked out to give you the best results. Get started with making the Best DIY designs and crafts to make the most out of your resources now!

Tips for Selecting the Superb Home Designs

Everyone’s ultimate goal in life is to get settled just the discrepancy is some want to get settled in their dream jobs (professional life), and some want to get settled in their personal life. But irrespective of this fact there is something that everyone wants to get settled in and that is a home. Everyone dreams of having their dream own house. And some lucky ones also get the chance of living in their dream house. No matter your home is small or big it will always be special to you. So, it’s really not about the place but the emotional connection that people build with that place makes them call it home. And when it comes to designing this special place you become cautious of each step you take as details matter they matter a lot.

Your home would be the place where you would come back to after having a tiring day at the office, so this should make you feel relaxed and give you tranquility. So design a house is not a child’s job it really takes a lot of effort and hard work. As you never when these designs can turn from pretty to catastrophic ones. So not to regret your choices later you should keep a few tips in your mind while choosing the right home design for yourself.

What qualities does a good home design have?

Before you learn about the tips you must knowthat how a good home design looks like? Choosing a home design is the most exciting and tempting phase while building a house. But it’s the most important one too. A good design should sustainable, accessible, beautiful, beneficial socially, well structured, and functional. If you can find all these qualities in home design then you are good to go.

Important things to Remember-

There are a few key points that you should not forget while choosing the home designs to get the best design for you. Try not to get carried away with the excitement of having a new house as it may lead you to do blunders.

  • Choose the design for your house, keeping the future prospects in mind. Like if you are going get married, or planning for a family, then your house should be spacious enough. But if you would be living alone even a small one will do for you. As this house will not only be for the present you, it will also be for the future you too. Keeping the purpose for which you are buying the house should also be considered.
  • Try picking the house that faces towards the north. It may sound a bit superstitious to you but is not. The reason behind this is that if your house faces towards the north you get more sun during winters and less in summers. This simple trick can make a huge difference. It can help you in saving a lot of money on your power bills. No matter how much bizarre it may sound to you try incorporating this tip while selecting home designs as you may not realize it now but you will definitely realize it later.
  • The most important tip would be to go for the right builder. Architects can change the whole look of your house. They can make it or break it all depends on their skills, knowledge, and experience. Do not just randomly pick any builder for your house, do your proper research, check out the projects they have worked on earlier. Having the right builder by your side will solve more than half of your problems. But unfortunately, if you go for the wrong choice then this can be jeopardizing for your home.
  • Keep your space considerations in mind before selecting the appropriate home design. You make like to have a sufficient workspace in your home. If you would like to have a separate workplace you will have to prepare for it in advance. How many bathrooms do you want in your house? Whether you want attached bathrooms or not? How many floors will be there? These things if not decided properly can become the reason for the chaos in your new house. And you would definitely not want this to happen. Make sure you focus on every single detail of the house. Also, check whether your new house can accommodate all your existing furniture? Or will there be enough walking space in the home or not?

  • Another thing would be to see if you would be able to get some privacy in your house or not? Everybody needs some privacy in their life and compromising with it will not be a good deal for you. Privacy issues become the reason for confusion and disruptions, especially among the teenage people. So it becomes necessary to check that everyone in your house gets their privacy. Choose the home design accordingly.
  • Another major thing to put your focus on would be the floor of your house. Having aesthetic and good flooring in your house can change its entire look. Your guests would get amazed at the mesmerizing beauty of your house. Be cautious especially while choosing the layout of your home. This decision might be an overwhelming one for you but pay attention to this one the most.

As you would be starting from scratch it would be quite easier for you to inculcate all these points in your plan. People who have already designed their houses without doing much research know what happens when you choose the wrong design. As your home will ultimately be your place it will only be you and your lot who will get affected by this decision. Having the right home becomes your lifetime investment. So even if you have to put a little extra amount for getting the house you want don’t hesitate in doing so as it will all be worth it. A great home should be liveable, convenient, stylish, and functional too.

Knowing The Different Aspects Of DIY Designs Before Moving On

The trend of DIY!

The term DIY, otherwise called as Do It Yourself, is a growing trend amongst the current generation. Name any aspect and you are sure to find something related DIY videos on the internet. Not only do these activities enhance the creativity of the makers, but they also save up a lot on those which would have been chargeable under any expert help. Nevertheless, all of these DIY activities seem suitable for non-technical stuff, but once things come to the technical part the same becomes a bit debatable.

Just because you know something in DIY does not mean that you would do everything of your own. Therefore, keeping up with this dilemma in the mind, the article discusses further the various pros and cons of DIY design and how can the preferences be made based on the situation.

The pros of DIY

The following are the pros of DIY designs and are hence preferred by a major chunk of the people:

  • Savings– Whenever it comes to designing something from an external agency, costs get added up to it on various fronts, like making, convenience, service to name a few. In case if the agency turns out to be a reputed one, then be ready to bear a big hole in the pocket and spend highly for the perfect quality.

However, when the same is done in DIY, not only does this excess cost get cut-off, but also you gain more control over the final work and not get confused with the differing opinions that would be provided by the experts. Though some initial investment might be required in getting the DIY materials and online guidance, still that would be much lesser than the overall cost to be borne in the former case.

  • To new learnings– Of course, when something theoretical is given a practical application, new things are bound to get ingrained in the mind. Thus, all of these DIY activities enhance both the creativity and learning curves of the individual. Whenever you visit some kind of design workshop, you would be learning up new theoretical stuff from there and once they are applied, the same gets polished and clarified. Thus, with every DIY, you would be checking off another fulfillment and upgrading the existing skills to the next level.
  • More iterations– Every design when given the final and physical shape does not turn out to be the perfect one in the first go. It would be requiring further iterations as per the requirement and in case of professional help, every iteration would charge back additional costs. But if the same is done in DIY, those would not be incurred and on the other hand, new learnings would be incorporated with each. Thus, the number of iterations can be increased until you finally reach out to the satisfactory results and not have to worry much about extra investment.
  • Potential income source– Once you become a certified DIY professional in some particular design field, it opens up the avenue for setting up new business channels, where you can regularly upload the videos online and get paid. Alternatively, you can conduct online DIY classes and train the interested ones on the basic concepts and ideation. Thus, these upgraded skills turn out to be a potential income source in the long run.

The cons of DIY

The following are the cons of DIY designs and thus needs to be given a thought before moving forward with the process:

  • Lack of warranty– In case when you employ expert help for some activity, they provide a warranty period within which you can do further repairing on the same thing freely. However, under DIY you would be forfeiting the entire benefit and thus would have to look yourselves for different sources of repairing. This becomes very problematic in technical matters, like the repair of some electrical gadget or pipe in the house. In severe cases, you might end up spending more money than expected.
  • Lengthy procurement process– In DIY, procuring materials is a very challenging job and lack of prior experience just keeps increasing the waiting period. Also, you may not be fully aware of the requisite quality of the raw materials and face difficulties in selecting the finest one. But in the case of expert help, the period gets reduced by many factors as the skilled labor would be having various connections in the market and experience to get the stuff easily.
  • High investment in the time– No doubt that DIY enhances the creativity of the individual, but it asks for a huge investment of time to complete the entire job and simultaneously learns about the same. Whereas, the same thing gets completed within a much lower time when the external agency is involved. Therefore, for urgent projects with a strict timeline, going for DIY would not be a suitable option, and falling back to contingency plans in case of urgency would not be feasible.
  • Quality of work– At the end of the day, when it comes to the quality of work, the external agency stands above DIY due to the very fine finishing given to the activities. The same would also get accepted on the commercial stage, as their definition of quality stays in line with that of the market.

Clearing out the dilemma

Thus, the pros and cons of DIY have clearly been defined in the entire content. Based on it, DIY should be followed only in the following cases:

  • The work is purely non-technical, like making handmade designs of wall hangings and many such.
  • The end-user would be the individual itself and thus finest quality would not be an important aspect.
  • The cost of investment would be much lesser.

In the following cases, it is always better to go for external help rather than choosing DIY:

  • The work is a combination of technical and high complexity and requires expert help for solving out the problems.
  • The end-user would be someone else and the quality of work matters a lot.
  • The cost for the project is high and no risk can be taken in terms of extra fees or more iterations on the same work.

Thus, weigh all of these factors very properly and then choose for DIY as per the demand of the situation.

Simple Additions To Make The Home Cozier And Warmer During The Winters

Warmer home is cozier home. During winters, when the climate outside becomes chilly and frosty, one should make the inside of the home to be warmer. So that when a person enters, they can feel than cozy vibe coming from all corners.

But, making any place cozier is not just about adding that quintessential fireplace in the living space or in the bedroom. There are a lot of other elements that can make a big difference. It is all about the entire vibe of the room and not just a source of heat.

Also, many homes do not really have a pre-built fireplace or they may not have enough space to get one installed. And those central heating systems can cost a lot too.

So, what are some other fun and effective ways, to make a home cozier and warmer? Read further to know.

  1. Seal it up!

Winters mean chilly winds and draughts. When a home is improperly sealed these chilly winds tend to enter the house and turn it into a freezer. Yes, nobody is keeping the doors and windows open during winter. But, even a small gap and vent can make the frosty wind enter the home.

Therefore, one should pay attention and find small vents and gaps and get them sealed up. Gaps in the window frames, under the door, near the piping, weaker floorboards, air vents, etc. are some of the places that should be checked. Best, the thing is to get the hire a professional and take their help to seal the gaps, without compromising the safety.

  1. Warmer colors

Colors always play a very big role in how the place turns out to be. Colors can change an entire place and can affect the feelings and mood of the people around. Therefore, it is said that while designing the interiors of a house, one should take a special interest in the color scheme.

Some colors are warmer and some colors are cooler, which is something that many know. Bluer tones mean cooler and more yellow and grey tones mean warmer. This is the reason why earthy tones, like yellow, orange, red, brown, etc. tend to give a warmer feel to space. Yes, now don’t paint the entire place yellow. Instead try to build a character of the room, by adding the right combination of less cool colors and warmer ones in maximum.

  1. Add some texture and lights

Bland and plain houses can look and feel cold at times. So, what is the best thing to add, to make the space more warm and cozy? Textures. Yes, a texture means something that will give the room a certain depth. This can be achieved by adding some curtains, rugs, throws, comforters, cushions, etc.

But, be cautious and don’t pile up all the blankets and throws and cushions there is in the storage. Pick a few and give some texture to the room, which will make the space look balanced. Also, to avoid the entire room to look like a wool dump, add some contrasts, like metal accessories, hard metal furniture, etc.

Make sure to invest in some warm yellow lights too. LEDs and fluorescents can make the room more cold and swampy, so avoid them during colder seasons.

  1. Insulate the home

Whatever one does if the home is not properly insulated then, nothing can stop the home to get cold during winters. Yes, to avoid the cold air to rush in, the windows are made gap-free and vents are made winter-proof. But, what about the warmth that escapes, and makes the room colder?

Well, this is where the insulation becomes helpful. When the home is warm with the help of a heating system or a fireplace, the heat should remain inside. This is only possible if the house is well insulated.

Avoid glass windows or put think curtains, or opt for double glazing or window coverings. Also, poly blend or fiberglass insulation batts can be used. Cover the concrete floors and made the corners and edges of slabs insulated.

  1. Heat up the home

One of the best ways to heat the home effectively is by choosing a heating system. When there is a heating system running in the house, then it can keep the pace warm for a longer time. An effective heating system can make the house warmer than ever, so much is that one may not have to add rugs and throws.

Some of the popular heating options include:

  • Gas heaters: cheap to run and is effective if one lives in the city.
  • Reverse air conditioning: better option for both summers and winters.
  • In-slab heaters: hydronic heaters that use hot water to warm the tiles and slabs.
  • Electric heaters: highly effective for the entire house but can very expensive.
  • Timber fireplace: aesthetic, effective but can raise the wood costs.
  1. Passive home designing

One can actually invest their time and money into designing a climate-smart house. How? Well, by taking into account the openings of the house, the direction in which the doors and windows are facing, and by choosing the right building materials.

The way the sun moves throughout the day will decide how much sunlight will enter the house. Having a home that does not get much sunlight means, it is will remain cold throughout the winters. But, the same home will be cooler during summers. But now, one cannot choose, right? So, the best option is to find a middle ground, which will make the house suitable for both seasons.

Also, one should take into account the thermal mass of the material using which the house is built. Materials with more thermal mass will soak up heat from sunlight throughout the day; will keep the house warm during the nights and vice versa.

Making a home cozier during winters is something that one should take seriously. After all, a place that is damp and cold can make one feel uncomfortable during those long winter nights. Also, a cold home can cause one to fall sick. So to avoid such discomfort, one should pick things which will make the home warmer and also add an illusion of a cozier corner.

The top-6 tips for designing your house in the best possible manner!

Designing or building a house can cost as much as 3-hundred thousand dollars. If you think that that amount is too high, then we are here to inform you that purchasing a home altogether is a bigger hole to your wallet. Such money is a hefty price-tag, so you cannot make mistakes. You probably need to get it right the first time. It does not mean that decorating a house is effortless. The entire process is exciting, and the result is 100% worth it, but you cannot jump into it without any knowledge or trial. You can draw out a plan that works in your favor. So, what are the necessary things you need to keep in mind? Well, we are here to help you out with home design: 6-pro tips for designing a house.

What are the tips that will assess you in decorating your house?

As we have told you earlier, you cannot jump into designing your home without any prior plans or ideas. To initiate the entire process, you should start by checking out every nook and corner of your house and creating a rough image of what would go where. This way, you will not make any rash decisions. You can go through some ideas on the internet, your favorite magazines, or even get inspiration from your favorite stars. A lot of people think that a house should go along with the trend, but you need to understand that trends are everchanging and you have to live in the house for years, so you cannot choose things just because it is in fashion, you must decide based on how comfortably you would like to live in your home.

  • What is your budget – adding a lot of amazing things in your house can be exciting? Yes, indeed, but you need to have a realistic budget system. Your budget should be such that it shows the actual amount you can spend. You cannot spend recklessly. So, how do you make a budget? Well, for one, you cannot spend excessive money on overpriced pools or other amenities. You can go for it only if you have enough budget to do so. While making a budget, people often forget about the cost of material and building works, but you should keep in mind that these factors can contribute a lot, as well. Some other things that people can forget are:
  • The insurance cost – when you have a new house, you also need insurance for the same. So, you can compensate for any loss that may occur in the future. Having house insurance is not an immediate requirement, and neither is it legally required, but it is one of the safest options.
  • The fees from local authorities.
  • The landscaping cost.
  • Site Surveys
  • Sewer connection and repair costs.

The best way of creating an accurate budget is to have a plan. When you are aware or have the knowledge of what you want, then you can get the result.

  • Focus on noise reduction – everyone often gives attention to the kind of doors they want, the kitchen top, the furniture that best goes, and other relevant things. You need to understand that one of the factors that can affect a household is all the unnecessary noises. If you have kids in your house who have to study, or you are looking for privacy, then focusing on methods that will reduce noise and create a peaceful environment for you is of utmost importance. So, if you design carefully, then you can handle this factor, as well.
  • Create maximum storage – no matter which article you read, nearly evert expert would suggest you ensure that you have enough space in your house. The size of homes is reducing; as such, fitting everything that you have in a small area can be exhausting, so you should always look for creative ways to ensure that your home never runs out of space. Some of these methods include having a storage bed, a cupboard with maximum cabinets, a coffee table or center table with a cavity, Etc, which can be beneficial for you. One of the most innovative methods that we have seen is storage under the stairs, so you can always go for unique ideas.
  • Prepare an extra space for the future – designing all the rooms at the moment may seem exciting, but you also need to think about the future. We mean that maybe sometime in the future, you might need extra space for a new family member or to develop a new hobby. Having a room like that will give expand the horizon of its utility. This way, you have the option to future proof your house. You can create a foundation for the future. You can add pillars or draw out a physical structure keeping in mind all the aspects that you may have to see in the future.

  • The Crucial role of lights – a lot of people look for houses that are more open and ventilated. Natural light is a source of positivity. If you are someone of a similar taste, then you will understand the necessity of sunlight, so try designing your house with windows and natural patterns, so that in the end, you feel as close to nature as possible.
  • Seek the assistance of professionals – sometimes, an individual with expertise in the field of exterior and interior designing can assess you in the best manner possible. A lot of people go to them because we lack the knowledge and idea of how things work, but they are pros in their fields, so they can study your requirements and then bring out the best for you.

So, if you are planning to live in a new space, then do not wait for much to design and decorate it. Try the home design: 6-pro tips for depicting a place and build your dream home with all the amenities today!

3 Tips That You May Use Before Meeting A New Home Designer

Once you have taken the jump and hired an interior designer for yourself, it may seem a bit intimidating at first. Especially when it comes to interacting with them. There are things that you are required to know in order to get ready and be aware of things that you are going to talk about in your very first session alongside an interior designer.Well, it would be nice if you prep in advance as it is extremely crucial and also it makes the most things go smoothly when you are together.

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to arranging a meeting with an interior designer then below are the three tips for yourself that might help you in your first meeting alongside your interior designer. All you need to do is just go through this guide, and you will learn things as you continue reading-

Tip 1: Complete a requested pre-meeting activity & don’t forget to assemble Inspiration Pictures

There are numerous Art & Design agencies that send their clients a personalized Kit that contains the links to the invoice, their Design questionnaire, and several other helpful resources so as to help themselves kick start the project in the very finest way possible. The more of the preparation their clients may do prior to their first working session at the client’s place, the better they will be prepared to deliver the design awesomeness. When you have gone on to take the time out to think about your requirements, wants, budget, and style, they do not have to really spend time over those things when both of you meet – they may jump straight into that good stuff (i.e., design!).

The picture is worth a thousand terms without really saying anything, and something i.e., described as the “modern” may mean distinct things to different individuals. Photos of objects, spaces, or furnishings you are drawn to bring clarity to the interior designer that even the words just can not. Designers are the visual persons and getting on that same page from the very beginning will make sure the successful partnership. You may have the magazine tear sheet, link to the Pinterest board or a Houzz ideabook, or any other designs reference you may have collected already.

Tip 2: Prepare questions in advance & remember you are not judged by the interior designer

Generally,when you are out there on your first working session along with the interior designer (at times referred to as the consultation; few call them the Design Jump start) a designer will go on to answer plenty of questions even before you ask them. Several agencies go on to make sure that their clients know about their design process,their design packages, and what it seems like to work along with them beyond the first meeting. However, you got to make sure that you make a complete list of all your questions that you have, or you may be tempted to ask, whether they are related to the pricing, design process, or a particular design dilemma in your home.

The designers understand and believe it is a privilege for them to get themselves hired and allowed in your home. They do not take it easy and lightly that one has trusted them in their space, and they are not judging anyone on how that home looks from inside! And rightly so, that is one of the major reasons why they are there! Please do not feel sorry for anything. If the home looked exactly how you would have wanted it already, you would not need us in the very first place. However, do point out the problem area that needs to be resurrected and addressed so they know what is not working for you and may design something and come up with a solution for yourself.

Tip 3: Trust The Designer You have Hired

You have hired the designer for their expertise, style, and ideas. They have several years of experience and education that allow them to visualize and design some of the amazing transformations inside your home! Even when you cannot clearly see that design photo at the very first meeting, just trust that you have hired the very best of a designer and he or she will create something amazing for you. At first, you may get to feel a little bit uneasy at a few of the designs and the changes suggested, that is absolutely normal and okay.

When you have lived in the space for some time, it is weird to visualize and imagine things changing, even when you donot like that space how it’s. The designer will go on to take care of your requirements, budget, style, and timeline into the account to customize the design that will eventually rock one’s socks off. And they are very much happy to guide you through gently across the process, as it may be a little stressful one. Decorating and remodeling go on to take months and honestly, there are always a few bumps alongside your way. But during those times, it is your designer that has your back thoroughly. (Also, whilst it is crucial to trust your designer, the moment when you begin getting some major red flags via them and it is not a fit, then it is absolutely okay not to proceed forward with them.)

These were the 3 Tips To Use When Meeting With Your New Home Designer,and these should surely put you at a lot of ease. Designers definitely love what a client does and are very happy to assist back in making the procedure a smooth, and efficient one, besides making a happy one. Hopefully, this guide will help you all get better at dealing and talking to your new home designers when you require the next time for your home. For more information, you may always look over the internet and learn more.

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Planning Your Home Design

Home is the perfect spot of relaxation for everyone. So, it is necessary to think everything through when you decide to design your home. Considering the sizeable amount of investment required for creating your house, it’s essential not to make any mistakes. If that happens, it’s going to ruin the experience of living there.

Before making any plans about the home design, there are a lot of things to consider, from the cost of materials to budget and also the company you are going to hire to get the job done. Be it renovation or building the house from scratch it is necessary to keep all the mentioned things in mind.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is the layouts of the various rooms in your house. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall and any other extras you want to have in your home. It is essential to hire the best professional according to the theme of the house. Now by theme, it is meant, do you want a very colourful or a minimal home or something else. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 things you should keep in mind when designing your home or renovating it.

1) Make a list

It is important to note down everything you need to get or do when getting your home renovated or made from new. This helps you to not miss out on anything that you might have planned to get done.

When renovation happens generally, everyone tends to forget about small things that are kind the subtle factors of the house. So, yes, do make a list.

2) Create a budget

When selecting professionals or hiring a company to get the designing of the home done, it is wise to get a quote from them based on the work you have explained them. This way, you can know for sure that the total expenses are within your budget.

If the expenses are crossing your budget, then cut down on things that can be skipped for later when you have the finance for that. It is advisable not to compromise on the quality of the materials or anything for that matter because these things last for a really long time. After all the complete experience of living in a house is going to depend on a lot on its construction materials

3) Find and buy a house that you can renovate

More often than not, finding and buying a home can be a better option than making a new one. There are often deals on old houses that can be brought at a substantially low cost. The money that you save can be used on used adequately to renovating the home based on your likes and dislikes.

To find a house can be a little troubling but it’s worth the hassle because at the end of the day you don’t buy it, it doesn’t fit your taste. The best part is that you can look for houses with a scenic view, large outfields and maybe even a farm. It can be a little outside the city for a relaxing atmosphere but close enough for grabbing a quick drink at your favourite bar.

To look for houses, you can go on sites that show listings of abandoned homes or those which are available for sale. Compare the price listings on various websites, and once you contact the dealer make sure you bargain without any hesitation.

4) Get your team ready

Do you know who succeeds? The guy who has a team. Okay! That was a joke. But, it is true, to get the best experience while getting your home ready for you and your family you need to have the best team put together. The process of getting your home prepared within itself is a very fun process.

When you visualize in being your new home, you are bound to enjoy it. So, now that you know why a team is required, let’s talk about how to get the best team. Now if you are living with family, then get the person who is the most creative and ask him/her to put down everything on a note. Now once that’s done get the best professionals within your budget.

5) Accept what you can’t change

It is necessary to accept things that you can’t change. Let’s say you buy a house, and everything about the house except the view is excellent, then the thing that is not under your control should not ruin the experience. People often ruin the experience of designing their house by trying to change things they can’t. So, it is better to let those things go and try to focus and stay content on what you do have.

If you move on from the things that aren’t under your control, then you can focus more on what is. This way you can stay relaxed and at the same time improve a lot on your ideas and other stuff too.

Bonus tip

When designing your home, it is best to keep out the accessories for last. This way, you can add accessories based on the requirements. Be it making your home smart by adding smart appliances like a Google home or echo device. Every accessory to be added to a house should be based upon the day-to-day requirement and how well you can integrate it to make the everyday task more manageable. For example, the subtle placing of the wireless charger at the bedside.

So, that was all the tips for getting your home ready in the best way possible. A home is a place of worship, so it’s best to work a little hard while getting it renovated before moving in.